Sweetness in Subtly: Familiarity



The funny thing about familiarity is that you first have to become familiar; you first have to be unfamiliar with something before that something becomes familiar. Of course it is easier when it is something that we are born with or born into, like our culture, traditions, religion…


허니 브레드 HONEY BREAD: A common cafe food in South Korea! There are many types and versions, which range from sweet to savory (differs for each cafe / maker). Fluffy, thick-cut bread is doused in syrup, ice cream and/or whipped cream. Flavors range from chocolate, honey, fruit, sweet milk, green tea, cheese, garlic, pizza, etc. MEANT TO BE SHARED, SERIOUSLY!!! 


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Diplo - Set it Off feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex (CRNKN Remix)


This house is directly across from Westboro Baptist Church, the notorious hate group. You know the one, with all the ”GOD HATES FAGS!” protest signs. The guys that protest the funerals of children, soldiers and celebrities. Yeah, those guys.

This house was bought a few months ago and turned into a LGBT rights group’s HQ. WBC had no idea… until today… when the group “came out” and painted the outside of the home with gay pride flag colors. Right. Across. The. Street. 

Now, WBC has to look at that house. Every day. Every. Day. Rock on!

Troll level: Activist

You can read the full story here

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